Sunday 4 October 2009

The Lisbon YES: Relief

Since until now many posts have already been written already about the results of the Lisbon Treaty referendum in Ireland, I don't need to add much.

What I can add from the bubble is that the smiling face and the deep relief of the European Commissioner I was standing next to when they showed the final results on a TV screen this evening was a good sign how important this result - 67,1% YES at a 59% turnout rate - was for European politicians.

And I can add that I am happy, too, hoping that we'll soon get to end of this pre-reform mess and finally get to the post-reform mess...


Lisa said...

I am very surprised the way Ireland voted, but they are desperate because of the economy.

Julien Frisch said...

I suppose you're right - but the more interesting how credible or necessary the EU seems to be during the crisis.

Eva Peña said...

Julien, I enjoyed your description of Brussels and the grey and inhospitable EU institutions, but you seem happy after all.
I think you love Brussels and its cosmopolitism, as we all do.

I'm glad to read you're happy with the Irish result. I think they had a sensible and proper campaign this time.
In 2008 many people, lobbies, parties were too irresponsible. This time their lies were unveiled.
I think it's a good day for all of us, isn't it?

constant gina said...

The EU requires a birth certificate