Thursday 27 May 2010

COSAC meets in Madrid

From Sunday, 30 May, to Tuesday, 1 June 2010, the Conference of the committees of the national parliaments of the European Union Member States dealing with European affairs (COSAC will meet in Madrid.

A goog number of meeting documents is available online, including the draft conclusions (Word format!) which do not seem very interesting except maybe for the following paragraph:
COSAC urges national Parliaments to intensify their use of IPEX and other forms of cooperation in order to provide mutual information concerning their respective activities and standpoints.
I agree that this kind of co-operation is quite important when national parliaments actually want to work together to have their say and influence over EU law- and decision-making.

But I still think IPEX isn't a very good platform; it is not very intuitive and I'm not sure many people, neither in the national parliaments nor among us citizens understands how it can be used.

It is thus nice to have IPEX, but I don't really see that it is of much help as of today.