Sunday 30 May 2010

What are the terms of reference of Russia?

Sometimes EU document titles make me smile. Like this one.

PS: The comments are free to guess what the terms of reference of Russia are.


martinned said...

My memory of the document codes is a little rusty. Whatever it is, it doesn't just fall under Relex (=external affairs), but also: ASIM, COEST, JAIEX, and NIS.

JAI is Justice & Home affairs, so I imagine that JAIEX is the external component of JHA. For the others, I have no idea.

A little Googling shows that COEST is the Working Party on Eastern Europe and Central Asia. (Not sure where the acronym comes from.) ASIM stands for Asylum and Immigration. NIS quite likely stands for Network Information Security.

Add it all up and you end up with a project on (electronic) information exchange on organised crime.

BTW: Terms of Reference...

Julien Frisch said...

I know what terms of reference are and I just found the title of the document funny because usually terms of reference are rather used to define the scope of work of an administrative body - so I was just imagining somebody in the EU defining the scope of Russia, knowing that this would not be the content of the document.