Tuesday 4 May 2010

Euroblogging journalist Prune Antoine wins two European young journalist awards

Sometimes people who actually deserve it win prizes, and this time it is fellow Euroblogger and Berlin-based French journalist Prune Antoine for her article "Pologne - Quand les parents sont partis" (English translation on page 28 of this booklet).

I was really amazed when I read in her private blog this morning that she has won two prizes at once for her article, the European Young Journalist Award 2010 for France and also the Louise Weiss Award for European Journalism 2009 (category "Junior").

Here is the reasoning of the jury of the European Young Journalist Award:
"In France, it is the ”euro orphans” phenomenon, tackled by Prune Antoine, that held the attention of the jury. The article entitled ”Poland: children of no-one” distances itself by the originality of its subject. The migratory wave from Eastern Europe countries and its consequences on family are analysed through an in-depth analysis and a wide range of points of views. In Prune Antoine’s uncluttered style, sociologists, politicians, headteachers, ”orphans” and ”orphans’” parents lead the reader behind the scenes of this massive emigration “resembling an economic miracle”. The journalist’s well-structured argument is a true field investigation that offers a relevant debate with proper context and careful illustration."
I had just met Prune - who writes the beautiful Euroblog "L'Europe en Blogs" and was part of my "20 women who run the EU (blogosphere)" - in Berlin in March and we ended up talking about Europe, blogging, journalism and life between the East and the West which we both share.

She is a true European, combining French culture with the easy-going-ness of Berlin and a deep understanding of "the East", and she is brilliant because she can write incredibly serious articles like the one you read above as well as killingly funny blog posts commenting on life in Berlin, EU politics and discussions in other euroblogs.

I've just spoken with her on the phone to congratulate and she was still surprised and enthusiastic - but if there is anybody who deserved to win the prizes it was Prune! Congratulations!

PS: Prune is a freelance, so if you ever need good reporting (e.g. from Berlin or Central and Eastern Europe), you should really get in contact with her!