Monday 3 May 2010

LSE panel discussion on Greece with former ministers from Greece

Now is the time to learn more, and so why not turn to academia instead of the media to do so.

Last week, on 28 April, the London School of Economics held a panel discussion titled "The Greek Fiscal Crisis and the Future of the Euro-Zone" with two recent ministers of economy and finance from Greece and two more economists: Professor George Alogoskoufis, Dr Yannos Papantoniou, Professor Wim Koesters & Simon Tilford.

The mp3 of the event is available here, the video in this list. It's worth watching and listening, especially if you make it to the last third of podcast and questions like "What is wrong with national statistics in Greece?" pointed at former ministers of finance...

By the way: The LSE podcast are worth listening/watching for many other topics, too!