Monday 31 May 2010

The Stockhom Games: Malmström equalises against the Council

10 days ago I reported that the Council looked very unhappy with the Stockholm Programme Action Plan that Malmström had proposed not long before.

The reaction from the Commission (in the annex) doesn't look very friendly either, at least when you read between the diplomatic lines.

The translated version: Go f*** yourself! We heard your complaints but we didn't do anything wrong; to the contrary: we did what citizens and the Parliament expected from us!*

And so they threw the staplers back to towards the Council to equalise in the Stockholm games that will keep going on...

* This is a very rough translations. Commission officials are trained not to speak like this in public, so I am just making a rough guess.


Ralf Grahn said...


Let us say that you are right on both counts, with a dose of poetic licence.

Still, from a citizen's point of view neither the Council nor the Commission argues issue by issue, which means that the process is not transparent.

Which team should we cheer on (and vote for), if the ball is invisible?

Anonymous said...

And the Council is leading again:

The Council urges the Commission in this regard to take only those initiatives that are in full conformity with the Stockholm Programme in order to ensure its complete and timely implementation.