Friday 3 October 2008

"Don't vote!"

Don't vote! Please, don't vote!

  • Can you imagine this for the 2009 European Parliament Elections?
  • Which all-European actors/stars could - and would - do such a campaign?
  • Would we do it in 21 languages?
  • Would we have common topics?
  • Who would sponsor such a campaign?
So far, it looks like we wouldn't need a campaign to ask Europeans not to vote. But maybe we wouldn't even know how to do it if we needed...


Antal Dániel said...

I think that a similar video should be made for the EP election - just to try if it works!

I have to point out that the usual turnout on the EP elections is not lower than in US federal election. The farther you go from home, the harder to reach the citizen.

We have great actresses and actors in Europe. We have a history of putting subtitles on movies. Some non-French/Italian voters find almost anything pronounced in that language sexy (or in Hungarian weird).

I think one of the federalist NGO's should try.