Wednesday 17 December 2008

The Czech EU-Council Presidency logo is ugly

Just a small comment: The logo of the 2009 EU-Council Presidency that will be held by the Czech Republic is ugly.

It looks like kindergarden, and although I think I understand the intention of these many colors, they just look ugly. They look as if there has been a lack of ideas (although the explanatory text tells the opposite). And I have not yet started to talk about politics...

The ugliness is especially visible when you compare it to the logos of the previous Council presidencies:
I know that this is matter of taste (update: although brusselsblogger also calls it "not very readable"), but I will repeat that, especially in comparison with the latest EU presidency logos, the Czech is rather ugly.

Sorry for that...!


Jon Worth said...

I agree - it's horrid. It's not only the colours - the font is not at all elegant either.

Finland topped my poll on the issue.

Unknown said...

The logo shown here

is different. Which one is real?

Julien Frisch said...

It's the same (this logo is on the upper right sight of the image I have linked), if I am not mistaken.

Antal Dániel said...

I think it is kind of weird that the EU has a new logo presidency logo every six months.

Antal Dániel said...

You can prevent another ugly logo if you vote on the Belgian/Spanish/Hungarian presidency logo plans.