Monday 16 February 2009

The Berlaymonster is toothless (but funny)

We all know that EU blogs are worthless, a waste of time for those who write them and for those who read them (don't find a reference right now).

Berlaymonster just had to learn this, being (indirectly) told that is has no effect on EU policy-making. It's tough, I know, but better the truth than living with the lie we all live and write for!

At least, the toothless monster made me (once again) laugh out loud with the last sentence of the post (which means it's at least making my life a bit better):
Sources close to Berlaymonster have indicated that these errors may have included mention of the word "circus" when "farce" was intended.
(Read the post to understand!)


antyx said...

What lie? Me, I'm only in it so I can convince the EJC to give me a factory-unlocked iPhone that I can hock on eBay and buy a Nokia N97. :)