Wednesday 18 February 2009

EUobserver with blog platform - updated

EUobserver has started a blog plattform, so far with bloggers who already have their own blogs out there in the EU blogosphere (e.g. Bruno, Friedrich) and EUobserver editors.

Let's see what this new platform will add to the European blogosphere...

(via Kosmopolit on Twitter)

Update: Read Steffen's critical account of the plattform.


Ralf Grahn said...

Yes. let's wait and see if any new kids appear on the block, but it can be seen as a sign that Euroblogs are taken more seiously, when the 'me, too' phenomenon kicks in (The Economist excepted).

Brussels Blogger said...

It's suprising to see that there is no central RSS feed for the blogs on Euobserver.

Anonymous said...

I'm a technical fellow with EUobserver.

There are feeds available from the individual blogs.
But yes, a central (site wide feed) is missing.

It is on my "todo" - and will be available soon.