Wednesday 4 February 2009

New Europe: The future of the EU blogosphere is dark

New Europe has published an article titled "The future of the EU blogosphere".

Under the headline "The Essence" the author tells us:
My fear for the EU blogosphere is that it will be taken over by commercial and political interests.
I might say: This could be the case, but those of us blogging for individual reasons and from an all-European perspective should try to unmask those interests as far as possible. And I am quite hopeful that we will be able to do this.


Jon Worth said...

Cheer up! The paper gave blogging plenty of coverage... Plus the joy of blogging is the entry cost is low, and will remain low. So individuals like you and I can continue to play a good part. Plus, as indviduals, we have a genuine line that a business cannot have in the same way.