Monday 16 February 2009 is shaking again - and correctly

After critiques in this blog (including the comments to the post) and the remarks by Brussels Media regarding the unclear profile of the site and the wrong election countdown, had been taken of the net (even realised by New Europe).

Now it is back online, with the right countdown and with an explanatory note that explains what this page actually is (I think this was not there before going offline):
This aggregator is constantly pumping out new ideas and uncovering new sources. Milkshaker reaches out to all corners of the web for stories on the European Parliament Elections '09, then brings them all together, front and centre, on the site. Play around, discover and enjoy this world of news. This engine is in permanent beta and feedback from users is greatly appreciated.
So the milkshaker is back, and it tells us what it is: An EU elections 2009 aggregator in a permanent beta version.

That's clear and simple, and now we all now how and why to use the milkshaker, especially when we like milk.

(via Brussels Media blog, where the makers of the milkshaker have also reacted with a comment)


Ralf Grahn said...

Now that the milk is shaking again, they could tackle the following credibility challenge: being up-front about who they are.

Anonymous said...

It is a page of the European Journalism Centre in Maastricht. (see 'contact' page).