Friday 27 February 2009

Watching the ape (for Nosemonkey) - updated with a video

During dinner with some election experts yesterday, a (now retired) professor answered to the question why he has never thought of running for office although his activities have put him in an excellent position to do so:
I have always preferred to stand in front of the cage and watch the apes jump up and down.
He said that he was perfectly independent as a professor and never saw the need to put himself into the "cage" of political limitations, and contented himself by remaining a visitor to the zoo of politics.

Maybe Nosemonkey could use this metaphor to decide what to do in the future...


Anonymous said...

Heh! Sounds about right... Though the added problem is that after you've been standing outside the cage for six years the monkeys start to lose their appeal.

Hang on, wait... Monkeys can never lose their appeal. They're the funniest things ever. Either the metaphor's falling down, or I'm still interested.

Either that or it's the whisky.

Julien Frisch said...

Don't give whiskey to a monkey - or you get debates like this one:

(It's like we are in monkey times...)