Tuesday 17 February 2009

Twitter, EU blogging, and the self-corrective nature of small groups

A very interesting article by Citizen Europe (Josef) was published on Sunday.

It has actually two foci, which may be interesting for different audiences but overlap in the small world of EU online maniacs: What is Twitter for? And what elements of Web 2.0 find its way in European media landscape? Some answers are given by Josef.

In addition, the self-corrective nature of small groups (and the EU blogosphere definitely is a small group) is shown by the number of corrections found in the second part of the text (and in the comments).

Through these we learn that the editors' profiles will soon be shown on bloggingportal.eu in order to make the process a bit more transparent. We are reminded that some EU bureaucrats who are blogging allow comments, but not all are published (I am still waiting for some of my comments to Mr Potocnik's blog...).