Thursday 2 July 2009

Broken links between European Parliament and Commission

Okay, I have to admit that it is not as bad as it might sound in the title - it's just another little detail in the quest to make EU information access easier.

This morning I read my (more or less daily) European Parliament Legislative Observer mail (chose the "Tracker" option to get one on the topics you would like to follow).

In there I found the link to a new Commission document on "Financial information on the European Development Funds EDF" which arrived at the EP.

The page that opens through the link has another link which is supposed to lead to the Commission document with the same name registered under COM/2009/0310 (which exists).

But the document doesn't open with the link provided on the EP site.

I checked the list of latest Commission document which have arrived at the parliament, and there were more examples of documents with broken links, although others were fully functional.

I suppose someone should check the accuracy of linking documents at the Parliament - or hope that anybody using the European Parliaments documentation is also able to work with the Pre-LEX search.


Macarena Rodriguez said...

I will tell you once more. Use!! And if you don't find out a document, just give a call :)

Julien Frisch said...

Last time I tried to open IPEX it didn't open. So just saw it for the first time now.

But that is not the point: If I get a linked document on the EP site and the link leads to nowhere, that is not good, because there are people who may not be as eager to search for information as I am.

Macarena Rodriguez said...

I fully agree. and moreover, it is something recurrent. You are right in one thing: lack of communication among institutions. Just a pity!