Saturday 18 July 2009

This blog will go off the air for 15 days

From tonight, Sunday 00:01 am, this blog will go off the air for 15 days, coming back to life on Monday, 3 August 2009.

I am not having holidays, but I will have to focus on both work and friends over the next two weeks, fully occupying my time.

It is also a test for me how it is living without the blog, without blogging, and without the blogosphere, since for more than a year now I have been blogging and following the euroblogosphere non-stop, with interruptions of 3-4 days at maximum.

It has become so regular and natural that I have to see how it is without.

So I won't read RSS feeds, blogs, comments. I won't follow Twitter. I will also turn off comments on this blog for that time, because I won't be able to follow them either (which is my responsibility).

After all, I hope there won't be too many withdrawal syndromes.

In the meantime, read other blogs like the ones you can find here or on my blogroll, write your own stuff, enjoy summer and life. See you soon...