Wednesday 1 July 2009

One year

This blog celebrates its first birthday today.

I could try to extensively summarise and analyse this year and its 638 blog posts. But being self-referential for the sake of talking about myself is not worth the effort.

The only thing to say is that three issues marked this year:
  • The European Parliament elections were the topic of this blog; every fifth article was directly dedicated to them and the topic has captured me enormously over the year.
  • The war between Russia and Georgia cut through our lives last summer. Going back to July, I was kind of surprised that I felt the war was coming about one month before it actually started. I wish I would have been proven wrong...
The rest were details of the life of a European blogger, a European idealist trying to find his way.

Still, I have to admit that these details have changed me and the way I see Europe, its political projects, and to a certain extend the way I look at myself in this pan-European context. It is hard to describe, but I can feel it.

Right now, I have no idea where this thing will lead me to over the next year, but I had no idea one year ago, either - so why bothering this time!?


Martin said...

Well, happy birthday! I really enjoy your posts, keep'em coming :)

Kosmopolito said...

Congratulations! keep up the good work!

I wished I was that productive ;-)

Eurocentric said...

Happy Birthday! It's been great reading your blog - keep it up!

The Prudent Investor said...

happy birthday to the shooting star in europes bloosphere

Ralf Grahn said...


It has been a great first year, with a high output and interesting to boot.

Your personal engagement and style are great assets, wherever your inspiration or events take you during the coming year(s).

Stephen Spillane said...

683 posts in one year?? wow! Fair play Julien!! You have a great blog keep it up! :)

Vincent Lieser said...

Happy Birthday, Julien !

I hope your becoming EU-sceptic is just some kind of EU-lassitude or post-election spleen...well, that's what I feel anyway.

Eurosocialiste said...

Happy anniversary!
Hope to see you in a year from now to see how my one-month-old blog has evolved ;-)You're definitely a source of inspiration.
Check out, I've reacted on your blogpost on Twitter and politics: