Tuesday 14 July 2009

The EU in German blogs (6): A slap in the face of Silvana Koch-Mehrin

Der Spiegelfechter wrote in his article "A slap in the face of the FDP showgirl" on the election result of Silvana Koch-Mehrin during the EP bureau elections (own translation):
"There is room for 14 vice presidents in the European Parliament - this year, there were 15 candidates for this rather unimportant honorary post. So one of the 15 candidates had to miss out.

Admittedly, this over-supply of candidates wasn't planned - in the last moment the British MEP McMillan-Scott used the opportunity to run as an additional candidate for the eurosceptic ECR. Thereby, he expressed his protest against the British Tories who were participating in this group for the first time.

In the first round, Silvana Koch-Mehrin received only 148 of 683 votes - by far the worst of all results and thus a resounding slap in the face of the blonde hope. In the second round, Koch-Mehrin also received the worst of all results. In the third and last round it was finally all about whether Koch-Mehrin or the eurosceptic, far-right Michał Kamiński would fail - and Koch-Mehrin, by the skin of her teeth, could capture penultimate place.

This result is a clear vote of the MEPs against the liberal showgirl.
Since major German news services like Spiegel.de or Sueddeutsche.de are reporting on this catastrophic result for Ms Koch-Mehrin, I expect more German blogs to report about it tomorrow.

I will add their links to this post as soon as I see them.

Here we go: Robin Haseler, mediaclinique, Ruhrbarone.