Thursday 15 October 2009

Creating noise: Blog Action Day '09: Climate Change

Wow, it is Blog Action Day '09, and this year it is on... Climate Change.

But what will this action day bring to the world:

More noise on a topic that is already covered by so many people that you actually don't need more people writing about it.

You don't need blog action, you need real action. So what the Blog Action Day will do is to create more noise in a debate where it gets more and more difficult to see who actually provides some added value to the discussions - or who is actually doing something to prevent our world from drowning in its own waste and resource overuse.

So thank you, Blog Action Day, for creating even more noise, so that nobody will hear the voices of reason!


Martin said...

Thank you, Julien. That's exactly what I thought, when I first heard about the blog action day on the topic of climate change.

I was thinking about covering the issue myself. I still think it's one of the most important issues at the moment, but I wasn't sure that I could bring something new to the discussion. And you're definitely right, when you suggest that we heard enough, we should do something now. Especially when you have #think2 in mind, where bloggers committed themselves to the cause anyway.