Wednesday 13 January 2010

Chasing Brussels Podcast Episode 010: Happy New Year!

I couldn't participate this time, but the first Chasing Brussels euroblog podcast has been recorded and published:

"This week in Chasing Brussels, Irish blogger Conor Slowey is in the hosting hotseat and he’s joined by a panel of bloggers from across Europe. Joe Litobarski offers his opinion from the UK,Eurosocialiste shows us a French perspective, Linda Margaret (an American blogger in Brussels) gives us the outside view and Ralf Grahn shares the Finnish angle.
Our plucky panelists discuss the year in EU politics, and all the goodies we have to look forward to in 2010. And what a year it’s been, eh? Between European elections in June and a tense referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland in October, there’s a lot to talk about."
So come and listen to the "Best of 2009" and the outlook for 2010!