Wednesday 20 January 2010

The Jeleva story & Bulgarian bloggers in focus

With the Jeleva story dominating the EU news these days, it is definitely worth taking a look at Bulgarian eurobloggers.

I'd like to mention Vihar Georgiev writing at the EU Law Blog who has participated in yesterday's recording of the 11th episode of the Chasing Brussels Podcast that should appear soon. He published a long article on the motivations behind Jeleva's nomination as well as two follow-up posts (here and here).

And today, Boyan Yurukov who participated in the Th!nk About It! blogging competition ahead of the European Parliament Elections published a great article that we can easily read thanks to Google Translate, despite the fact that the original version is in Bulgarian.

In the article about Bulgarian politicians using blogs and Twitter, Boyan builds a beautiful argumentation that starts at the EP election campaign, passes by some Bulgarian ministers' web 2.0 efforts, and ends with the fact that the Jeleva story was on Twitter 30 minutes before the main Bulgarian news networks had it on their screens.

The richness of the Euroblogosphere lies in its individual and linguistic diversity - and I can only recommend not just to focus on some English and French blogs but to look around for the many gems that are worth reading, too!