Wednesday 13 January 2010

History blogging: The Commission hearings 2004

From time to time we need a little history blogging to see what connects the present and the past.

So I just had a look at Nosemonkey's blog and his posts from 2004, like this one, this one or this one with the following quote:
"[A]re EU states DELIBERATELY appointing dodgy candidates to the Commission, and are they DELIBERATELY being appointed to the least appropriate positions? Is this an attempt to sabotage the existing EU system, or just the usual incompetence?"
I looked it up because the Euroblogging scene was just minuscule in 2004 as far as I know and Nosemonkey one of the few already blogging at the time.

Seeing the amounts of euroblog posts on the Commission hearings this time, we definitely see that (a) through the live stream transparency is much higher than 5 years ago and (b) that the level of debate, though still small, has risen considerably and will allow future generations to study more thoroughly what was going on during 2010.

Still, it is nice to look back to 2004, a time when I - I have to admit - did only notice that something was going on with Rocco Buttiglione, not more and not less.


Nosemonkey said...

Bloody hell - I'd forgotten I'd done anything on the last lot of Commission hearings. Now I feel both ancient (in blog terms) and bad for not doing anything about this year's...

Julien Frisch said...

Excuse me :-D

But to put it in perspective: Without you being innovative - blogging about the EU - we wouldn't have anything from five years ago. And today there is quite a bunch of articles worth reading, so there is no immediate need for you to write something, a positive development of 2010.