Tuesday 26 January 2010

Happy birthday, bloggingportal.eu!!!

One year ago, the most important innovation of the Euroblogosphere was born: Bloggingportal.eu

Thus, exactly one year ago, I wrote in a post about the newly established Bloggingportal.eu:
I hope that through this tool, the interest in the EUropean blogosphere will raise, especially ahead of the European Parliament Elections this year!
And at the end of 2009 I could actually conclude in another post, now as an editor:
Altogether, Bloggingportal.eu is a great example of a living Euroblogosphere that will hopefully become part of a pan-European blogosphere in the very near future - and we hope that the portal motivates you to contribute by writing your own blog or blog posts on European affairs and to become part of the family!
This looks like an excellent development, although I wish that the platform will see even more success in the future, serving as a real catalyst for the emergence of a true European public sphere.

But for now, happy first birthday, Bloggingportal.eu - and be assured we'll continue our work to make you better every day!

Other congratulators: The EP web editors (even on Facebook!), Kosmopolit, Eurosocialiste in English & French, Europaeum, The European Citizen, Un Européen jamais content, Matiz Andrea, Grahnlaw