Saturday 9 January 2010

Examples of a European blogosphere: The EP web editors cry for help

No, I am not going to warm up the whole discussion on the European blogosphere we've had recently. Neither will I be talking about Euroblogging or how news spread from new to old media and back.

All I want to point to is that Tibo from the European Parliament web editors has blogged this afternoon that their recent post on the renewal of the EP website has become the most visited post ever on their blog.

Having written some proposals myself yesterday, I posted the issue on Twitter where it was retweeted by one of my followers, @flueke, who himself is followed by @simoncolumbus, one of the authors of, the most important and influential German blog.

Simon Columbus then published a short article on Netzpolitik on the cry for help of the EP web team, which also went to through the highly-followed @netzpolitik Twitter feed and was taken up by other German blogs.

Having gotten a considerable amount of visitors from Germany to my blog through a comment I made to the web editors' post yesterday, I suppose that this spread of the news via blogs and Twitter was helpful to make the EP web team post more visited than any other before - with the Netzpolitik blogger holding the "power" in his hand to make the story heard nationally or not.

What this tells us is that there is some kind of European blogosphere evolving, at least for some issues, and that if (influential) national blogs take up European questions, they can become more important than one might initially expect.