Wednesday 27 January 2010

Small remark

It seems so natural but it's still amazing to have coins from France, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium and Italy in my pocket today.


Mathias Schwartz Kirkegaard said...

You should get some danish too :)

Desmond O'Toole (PES activists Dublin) said...

Those Irish coins get everywhere! Did you now that Ireland is the only state to use a musical instrument as its official emblem? Also, the harp used is of mythological significance in Ireland. It is An Dagda's harp, the pre-Christian father of all the gods! And this from a supposedly Catholic country ... LOL!

André said...

it would be interesting to quantify the "internationality" of a city by looking at the coin mix of its citizens, tourists, Erasmus students etc. etc.

Julien said...


I suppose they are already are doing this... At least I think I've heard something like this in the past.


I like your harp! ;-)


I searched around, but there were no Danish ones. I suppose this has something to do with politics.

Mathias Schwartz Kirkegaard said...

Maybe we should get that euro instead of kroner in Denmark then :)

Anonymous said...

HA HA. Mathias, I feel rather stupid.

I Spent 20 minutes yesterday searching through my coin jar for a Danish coin.

Completely forgot Denmark isn't a euro country.

(Although, I think its being accepted in parts of Northern Irelnad now....)

Anonymous said...

^^^^Left out a line up there^^^^^

Was going to say:
'Completely forgot Denmark isn't a euro country like the UK.'

Feeling AND looking stupid now.

Mathias Schwartz Kirkegaard said...

Please continue... it's only getting more fun :)

Julien Frisch said...