Friday 21 May 2010

Council is unhappy with Cecilia Malmström

It looks like Cecilia Malmström doesn't have too many fans in the Council.

Because if I read the diplomatic language of the Draft Council Conclusions on the Stockholm Action Plan, a plan that Commissioner Malmström presented last month, correctly, then the EU Council is punching the Commissioner right in her face*.

My translation of the draft conclusions into everyday language would be this:
"The document you presented is rubbish and incomplete, and we will only work with the original Stockholm Program."
I don't recall having seen such clear comments in a diplomatic text for a while...

* Note: This is an exaggeration for the purpose of dramatising the blog post. Usually, Council bureaucrats/diplomats would probably prefer to throw with staplers.


martinned said...

I can't believe she messed with the Stockholm Programme. The MS spent pretty much all of last year negotiating it; it was a nightmare. Why doesn't the Commission have the good sense to take extra care to stay within the lines of that negotiating result?