Saturday 8 May 2010

My Europe (3): A blog...

... written by a single person is nothing but a single voice. It is only relevant in conversation with others.

In my Europe, we are all some kind of blogger. All we need to do is to relate to each other, to link our blogs and to start the conversations that may become one common conversation, one European conversation.

If we try to build a common European blogosphere, it is because we want to build a common European space - not one in which we all agree, just one in which we know what we are talking about.

But there need to be blog posts first. Blog posts that we can actually relate to. If we don't talk, we cannot have a conversation. If we don't have topics, we cannot argue about them.

In my Europe, we are all some kind of bloggers, and our individual blogs can be linked, either because we choose to link them or because they share common topics, natural links that we just need to discover.

A blog written by a single person may be nothing but a single voice, but my Europe is a continent with 800 million bloggers, 800 million voices that are part of a common blogosphere.

In my Europe, we just need to add the links.


C's Europa Blog said...

Yes, you`re right, blogging is essential ...

Greetings form C's Europa Blog

mathew said...

Yep, agreed, it is as simple as that. But simple does not equal easy.

While no dazzling projects are required, you make it sound easy to herd cats speaking and writing in so many tongues.

There! Managed to fit three European online public space memes into one sentence!

Is that a record? Go on, go one better! ;-)

Happy Europe Day, Julien, and thanks for all the posts.

- Mathew

Julien Frisch said...

@ mathew

It has to sound easy, if not people might be hesitant to try.

mathew said...

If people were hesitant to try blogging, noone would be blogging.

Forging the links and curating national discussions is a bit more advanced. However, it would be an excellent way of raising one's profile within both the national and EU online public spaces, simply because few if any people are doing it.

So as more and more people blog about matters EU, all seeking to raise their visibility, I hope that this form of specialisation will emerge.

One way of encouraging it is to ensure Bloggingportal and other media give such bloggers the visibility they deserve.