Thursday 17 July 2008

12 MEPs with conflicts of interest has published a report titled "Too Close for Comfort?" showing personal and financial conflicts of interest of MEPs from the UK, Germany, France, Finland and Romania.

The list includes (citation from the table of contents):
  • Sharon Bowles: Patent lawyer pushing patents
  • John Purvis: Investing in industry
  • Klaus-Heiner Lehne: Another lawyer pushing patents
  • Elmar Brok: MEP and media man
  • Jorgo Chatzimarkakis: Network of lobbying links
  • Malcolm Harbour: MEP inside the car industry
  • Giles Chichester: Close to (nuclear) power
  • Pervenche Beres: Opening doors to the financial industry
  • Caroline Jackson: Benefiting the waste industry 
  • Ioan Mircea Paşcu: Consultant to US military contractors
  • Eija-Riitta Korhola: Pro-nuclear and funded by nuclear
  • Martin Callanan: More MEP motoring perks 

A very interesting reading, indeed. Here you can find the full report as PDF.


Unknown said...

thanks a lot for the heads up, Julien! you're in my blogroll for this :)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this video of the
EU Commission, which attacks the hypocrisy within. Great delivery!