Thursday 24 July 2008

Yes I could!

If I left now, I still could be in time for Senator Obama's speech here in Berlin. YES, I COULD! This man knows how to deliver a speech. And I love listening to him - not for everything he is saying, but for saying some excellent things in his positively prepossessing manner.

Yet, this kind of cheer-and-applause events for just one single person always make me hesitate. It doesn't count that this is the "Yes we can"-man Barack Obama. It doesn't count that he might become the Democratic candidate for the post of US president. It just counts that he as so many charismatic leaders wants the masses to follow.

But cheering within the masses means being a sheep in a herd following the shepherd, for the good and for the bad. And having German ancestors makes me quite reluctant being such a sheep.

I think I have a more active vision of political involvement, a more discursive one. So I will watch and listen to Obama at home. If he inspires me, you will hear about it. If he disappoints me, you will hear about. And if he remains irrelevant for me or for Europe, I will find other interesting topics to blog about. And you will definitely here about these!