Sunday 6 July 2008

Bomb blasts in Belarus

I know I am quite late but it took me three days to read that an explosion in Minsk/Belarus on Thursday (during the national independence day celebrations) hurt 50 people.

Belarus, the last complete dictatorship on the European continent, has not made itself heard through good news in the last decade and this explosion is a tragic confirmation of this rule.

In fact, as Die Presse remarks in an article, this is not only tragic for those injured by the blast but also for the desperate Belarussian opposition. Even though there are no blames for a political motivation of the attack, it will most probably be used to take a much tougher stand on regime critiques - especially to ensure that the upcoming presidential elections in September will not be "disturbed"...

Lukashenko, the dictatorial president, who already is the strong man of the country can now even better show how strong he really is.