Friday 25 July 2008

Interlude (2): Digging deeper

Now that I am four weeks among those who blog about Europe and the European Union I am still figuring out how to dig deeper.

What added value - apart from the personal pleasure I have in blogging - can I, can we offer to ourselves and to the non-blogging readers in writing about European issues?

I have been blogging before, in a different context, but with very clear political intentions. The issues at that time were much more limited; blogging was part of a very specific political activity, it had a purpose and I knew who were my adversaries and who were my addressees. The field that is spread in front of me now is quite different.

Here, I do not have so clear-cut goals. What I feel is missing, is a European public sphere. I am dissatisfied that there is no good European media and only very few pan-European public discourses.

I am always looking for some more depth, for stories and analyses that keep up with the complexities that this continent offers. And with depth, I do not refer to scientific meticulousness. I am referring to stories and enquiries that stop scratching the surface or that look at everything European from a national angle, even though quite nicely disguised from time to time.

By blogging and reading a multitude of blogs I am trying to find this depth, this complexity, this dive below the surface.

And so, between the more spontaneous, "non-strategic" articles that reflect more my immediate need to tell and talk about something I have just read, I would therefore like to write (and also read from you, fellow bloggers!) a different level of articles that add more precisely to what I am looking for:
An all-European story.