Wednesday 23 July 2008

Tracking: EP elections 2009 (IV)

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Estonians may be allowed to vote by mobile phones in next year's European Parliament elections

Estonians may next year become the first people in the world allowed to cast votes by mobile phones – and the first elections for which ‘m-voting’ would be allowed would be to the European Parliament.

A bill on m-voting, as the possibility is dubbed, was introduced today
[16 July 2009; JF] and will be put to the vote in the Estonian parliament in September. The proposal has the backing of all members of Estonia’s governing coalition. [...]

Estonia is a funny country: The internet is a civil right there and every commune has to provide at least one free access point for all citizens. Estonia was one of the first countries, if not the first country to introduce e-voting and voting through the internet. Oh yes, and Estonia was also the only country that had to introduce [sic!] customs duties/tariffs for entering the European Union because before it did not have any...

So now: Mobile phone voting for the European Parliament elections in 2009. Actually, that doesn't surprise me.

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