Tuesday 29 July 2008

Gordon Brown is the crisis

Labour in Great Britain is in trouble. If Liberal Democrats can celebrate standing in front of the Labour party, which is already 24% behind the Conservatives in one poll, then the dimensions are quite obvious.

For the French daily "Le Monde" the main reason for this crisis is obvious:
"The personal equation of Gordon Brown is nevertheless central to understand the dimension of this crisis. After 10 years without mistakes at the Treasury, the Prime Minister, according to the not very flattering portraits in the British press, seems to be unable to direct, to delegate, or to communicate. This is quite something at a post that requires exactly the art of leadership and the taste to convince.
(own translation)

In fact, this explanation might be too easy, although I have no doubts that the description of Brown is rather correct. Still, the problems Brown is facing economically are to a large extend outside his personal control. Yet, in such situation of crisis, any non-charismatic leadership is facing harsh personal critique because he or she lacks the ability to create support of those who could paint a better picture: His/her fellows, the public, and the press.

A more charismatic personality can make at least some good news and good mood even in difficult situations. Brown seems to be unable to do so - and it might well be that his political fate is sealed by now...

(Article found through: European Avenue.)