Tuesday 22 July 2008

Why applying for the intelligence service?

Mihnea from the very interesting Romanian language blog "Politică&New Media" has found a report from a group of young people called 08 Agency.

For the report, youngsters have been asked why they are applying for the Romanian domestic intelligence service SRI ('Serviciul Român de Informaţii' = a secret service). The results are astonishing:
  • 53% are applying for job security reasons
  • 11% want to do it for the money, and 
  • 6% are doing it for familiy traditions
More interesting are the following:
  • 19% want social recognition (... for a secret function!)
  • and 2% apply because of ... James Bond.

Well, it seems as if the SRI offers plenty of interesting perspectives: A secure, well-paid and recognised work connected with a James Bond lifestyle that has been a family tradition for a long time already.

Maybe the European Union could harmonise this so that all countries or the EU as a whole would enjoy such a nice secret service.