Tuesday 7 April 2009

Developing story: Violent demonstrations in Moldova after Sunday's elections

I just received a text message from Moldova telling me that a demonstration against Sunday's election results that started this morning at 10 am has turned violent. Stones are flying towards the Parliament and the Presidential Palace. Police reacts with water cannons.

Developing story... See also my previous post from yesterday on the election outcomes and these background information to understand why this (might have) happened.

Update (16:30): Spoke to somebody on the phone who is in Chisinau. I was told that President Voronin is meeting the three main opposition leaders as well as the representatives of the European and international community today. Meanwhile, protests continue in the city centre of Chisinau, without main developments lately.

Update (20:15): In a video you can see discussions between the president, the opposition parties, and the other communist leaders. The video is in Romanian, but you can see the most important political figures of Moldova: In the centre, President Voronin, on the right the three main opposition politicians Vlad Filat (Liberal Democratic Party PLDM; next to the president), Dorin Chirtoaca (the mayor of Chisinau, Liberal Party PL), and Serafim Urecheanu (Alliance "Our Moldova" AMN), and on the left the speaker of the Parliament Marian Lupu and the Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanîi. According to news reports, they have agreed on a recount, although I am not sure whether this could be counted as a win for the opposition because the results so far were only preliminary results that will have to be confirmed anyway. But as far as I can understand, it also about waiting with the recognition of the final results until all complaints by the opposition have been filed and dealt with by the Central Election Commission.


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