Tuesday 28 April 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (91): French minister and EP candidate ridicules the European elections

In a meeting with the UMP youth (the UMP is Sarkozy's party), French Minister of Justice and number two on the UMP list for the EP elections, Rachida Dati, has shown her disrespect towards the European campaign:

There is an excellent article at the Taurillon titled "Red card for Rachida Dait for her sad European incompetence", and Laurent explains this absolute blackout by the fact that Dati will rather consider this campaign as a degradation than an opportunity. She has been nominated to leave office as Justice Minister rather than being chosen as a good European. So she might be frustrated.

But by coming unprepared in such a meeting, giggling like a little child and looking like a newcomer and not like a professional, she does not only ruin her own reputation, but she's also ruining the reputation of the European elections.

So although I appreciate that the campaign for the European elections in France seems much more active and lively than in many other EU countries, it is a big problem to use worn-out politicians for a job that needs openness for new perspectives - thank you Mr Sarkozy!

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