Saturday 25 April 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (89): German campaign starts creative

The German Social Democrats (SPD [PES]) have started their European Parliament elections campaign with funny negative adds against three of the four main other competitors.

On the upper left against the Christian Democrats (CDU [EPP]):
"Wage dumping would would vote for CDU" - "For a Europe with fair wages"

On the upper right against the Left Party (DIE LINKE [UEL]):
"Hot air would vote for DIE LINKE" - "For a Europe of responsibility"

On the lower left against the Free Democrats/Liberals (FDP [ELDR]):
"Financial sharks [i.e. heartless investment bankers] would vote for FDP" - "For a Europe with clear rules for everyone"

And although this is already quite funny and I have been laughing a lot since yesterday, the political competitors and other creative people have been quick to react:

This one is playing with words and a bit difficult to translate. It says:

"If you want a complete wooden post, vote SPD" - "For a Europe barking up the wrong tree"

('A complete wooden post' is the helpless translation of 'Vollposten', which means 'jerk' or 'dumbass' in German.)

This one is much easier: "Nobody will vote for SPD" - "This time again: Voting without content. SPD"

It looks as if this campaign could become funny, so even if not too many people will go to vote, we'll have had a good laugh...!

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Eurocentric said...

They're a lot better than the EP posters.

I know that the CDU have announced their European programme - have you seen any signs of campaigning from them yet?