Monday 6 April 2009

Elections in Moldova: Governing Communists win, opposition demands re-elections - updated (3x)

The election results in Moldova are not fully in by now, but the counting of almost 98% of the votes shows the following results:
  • 50% for the Communist Party (PCRM)
  • 12.75% for the Liberal Party (PL)
  • 12.26% for the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM)
  • 9.81% for the Alliance "Our Moldova" (AMN)
  • no other party passes the 6% threshold
I have to admit that these results are not completely surprising taking into account a recent opinion poll and considering the fact that those who are dissatisfied with the situation in the country and with the government of the Communists have left and were not able to vote in large numbers.

If the results are confirmed in these exact proportions, the Communist Party would have exactly reached the needed 61 seats majority (out of 101) to elect a new president. If this changes to below 61 seats, and if the opposition block keeps its statement from yesterday, this could mean the need for repeated elections. However, all deputies from the three "liberal" opposition parties would need to stick to the party line.

Now, I see great disappointment among my Moldovan friends, disappointment over these election results that have confirmed an autocratic government that is massively favoured by the public newscaster, the only TV and Radio that can be received by all citizens in the Republic of Moldova.

I am waiting to see whether the observers - national and international - have found any frauds on election day yesterday, but I suppose that only minor incidents will be reported. The disfavouring conditions for the opposition were already existing before yesterday, especially given the media situation and the large Diaspora that was unable to vote. In the reports issued in the pre-electoral phase by national and international observers, also incidents intimidating opposition politicians and the usage of administrative resources during the election campaign have been brought up.

I'll follow the developments of this country on the border - on the border of the EU and on the border to democracy - which it should cross better sooner than later!

Update: The opposition parties have announced not to accept the election results and to follow-up with actions. A Facebook event inviting young people to protest on the main street of Chisinau (Moldova's capital) has been created. Indeed, several thousand young people are demonstrating in central Chisinau.

And I spoke with an insider on the ground who told that some remote voting stations were showing strange turnout curves over the day, although there is no proof for irregularities (yet).

Also: Video of international observers' press conference and preliminary report

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