Thursday 2 July 2009

Europe in blogs (5)

Caution: Readers with an allergy to links should refrain from consuming this post. Readers with an allergy to Europe should join UKIP.

There we go. That's already the fifth Europe in blogs which somehow means that a month has passed since I did the first one. Could somebody prevent time from passing!

One year ago - when this blog started - the French under Sarkozy had already taken over the EU-Council Presidency and six month ago the Czechs had occupied some of the most relevant seats in the European Union.

Yesterday, finally, a nice little country - Sweden - headed into its presidency - and everyone wanted to welcome them or talk about it, either directly or by saying a more or less nice goodbye to the Czech Republic (no particular order):

Margot Wallström, Stephen Spillane, Jean Quatremer, L'Europe de la Défense, Charlemagne here and here and here, Tony Barber, La Oreja de Europa, Honor Mahony, Peter Berry, EUX.TV, Open Europe blog, the Eurotechnocrat, Europaeum, Cecilia Malmström, Errant European, Carl Bildt, Mats Engström. And me.

Another important topic this week was the decision of the German Constitutional Court saying that the Lisbon Treaty would be constitutional but may not be ratified before the German legislative would get the necessary participatory rights in the national decision-making processes:

Pierre-Jean Verrando, Grahnlaw, European Union Law Blog, Nosemonkey, The European Citizen, Michael Scharfschwerdt, Europaeum, Ironies Too, José M. de Areilza, Europe: my dream, Quo Vadis blog, Stephen, Corina Cretu. And me.

The rest of the pack kept an eye on Barroso, who was also interviewed by La Tribune these days: eToile sees a murderous autumn coming for him, while La Oreja de Europa takes into account the Spanish socialists' reaction. Charlemagne is finally unsure about whether Barroso should be re-elected, and for Europe & You nothing is done yet.

If you don't look for Barroso but for a job in EU communication, you should definitely check out The Tagsmanian Devil who offers a really nice position with the perfect time perspective. And if you don't want to work, do it like Cédric Puisney and leave for holidays!

And last but not least: If you read this, you are part of the Generation 2.0, at least for L'Europe En Blogs and the eurosocialiste.

There was much more in European blogs over the last week, but that's it for now. Europe in blogs will be back soon.

PS.: Almost nobody noticed that there were parliamentary elections in Albania last Sunday...


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