Wednesday 9 December 2009

List of European Parliament intergroups 2009-2014

Update: Here is a list of intergroups (Word file) that I found on the parliament website.

Via EurActiv France on Twitter I found Françoise Castex's post containing a list of the European Parliament Intergroups (see my post on EP intergroups for the last parliament) for the period 2009-2014:
  • SME - Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise
  • Ways of Saint James / Camino de Santiago
  • Family and the Right of the Child & Bioethics
  • Sky and Space / Ciel et Espace
  • Youth Issues / Jeunesse [see my post on this group earlier this year]
  • Urban
  • Mountainous, Island and Sparsely Populated Regions & R.U.P (Regions that are extremely peripheral )
  • Social Economy / Economie Sociale
  • Sustainable Hunting, Biodiversity, Countryside Activities and Forests
  • Extreme Poverty & Human Rights Fourth World European Committee
  • Disability
  • Tibet
  • Climate Change & Bio Diversity & Sustainable Development
  • Water / Wasser
  • Baltic Europe
  • Media (chaired by Jean-Marie Cavada, see press release)
  • Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity
  • Seas and Coastal Affairs / Mer et Zônes Côtieres
  • Welfare & Conservation of Animals
  • Trade Union Coordination Group
  • New Media, Free Software and Open Information
  • Society
  • Tradition National Minorites, Constitutional Regions and Regional Languages
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual  & Transgender Rights – LGBT
  • Public Services
  • Western Sahara
  • Anti-Racism & Diversity (Roma included)
  • Wine, Fruits and Vegetables, Tradition and Quality Food
Update (15:40): pstrempel remarked on Twitter that the list might not be complete since he doesn't see, for example, the Federalist Intergroup.

Update (29 January): The Federalist Intergroup has been rejected as we learn from Le Taurillon.

The next task will be to find out presidents of the groups, see whether they have websites, and how influential or how influenced they are.

(last update: 21 Jan 2010)


Ralf Grahn said...


If I remember correctly, you should find the intergroups through the web pages of the European Parliament.

Andreas said...

Well, they are definitely not mentioned where they should be: Overview: How the Parliament is organised.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to get the updated members list of the intergroups?


Julien said...


Not to my knowledge.

This intergroup system is quite intransparent, and the only way seems to go to the websites of the different groups and see whether they list their members.

But it's true: It would be great having such a list.

Anonymous said...

Just call them. They have the obligation to be transparant towards their citizens. I worked in the Dutch Parliament for three years and they have exactly the same problem. If enough people start to ask for it they will publish it one day. I haven't been able to find it on the EP site and the ALDE site.

Anonymous said...

Just call them. National parliament have the same problem. They just don't think through the eyes of the citizens. When ebnough people complain about they will publish it in the end.

halobrux said...

Will there be an update as mentioned above regarding members lists for these intergroups?
thanks a lot!

Julien Frisch said...


From what I have seen it was complete. The Federalist Group that was mentioned as an example failed to register, so I suppose this is the final version; haven't come across anything different by now.