Friday 11 December 2009

Tuvalu & L'Europe en blogs

Everybody is speaking of Tuvalu these days, the country that sells the top level domain .tv.

Which brings me to the best TV station on earth, ARTE, a French-German co-production full of culture, charm, knowledge and little details - and on the web ARTE can be found at

And this brings me even closer to a beautiful little blog called "L'Europe en blogs" that belongs to the ARTE blog collection.

Written by a French living in Berlin, the blog is full of culture, knowledge, charm and little details, full of lovely humour, journeys through European blogs, glances at Europe's multicultural facets and much more.

If you speak French, you shouldn't miss a post, and if you don't speak French, you are missing something with every post.

Merci et félicitations, Prune, for L'Europe en blogs, a true gem of the euroblogosphere!