Sunday 6 December 2009

Chasing Brussels Podcast Episode 009: Language & The Euroblogosphere

Right after our recent Eurobloggers' meet-up - see the report by Joe Litobarski - we recorded the next episode of the Chasing Brussels Podcast.
This week, Joe Litobarski is joined by Conor SloweyJulien FrischJon WorthMatthew Lowryand Frank Schnittger to talk about the problem of the language barrier in European blogging.
The debate follows on from the recent euroblog meet-up that was arranged around the same topic. So, what can be done to solve the language problem in the euroblogging? Some sort of voluntary effort to translate blogs? Would EU funding set off the eurosceptics and make it look like a conspiracy? Or will Google translate solve all our problems.
All this and more in this week’s podcast.
And here's the podcast: Chasing Brussels 09 – Language & Euroblogs