Tuesday 22 December 2009

Slovenia is embarrassing

Reading that Slovenia continues to block the accession talks of Croatia due to nationalistic considerations is totally embarrassing.

I thought that with the agreement between both countries earlier this year this kind of things would have ended...


Meta said...

It would be good to see you look into disputes between countries a bit deeper and maybe blog more objectivly, rather than read onesided articles and make embarrassing titles on your posts. Goes to show why i'm the only comment after 2 days. Unfortunately we (slovenia) aren't just being "naugty" when it comes to it (like Greece and Macedonia issue), we actually have a proper problem and we want to settle this 20 year old dispute finally, unfortunately the Croatians weren' ready to do it the past 20 years and this was our only mean ... Also the only reason for the "restrains" we have, isn't us being embarrassing naughty little country, but the fact that the maps Croatia provided in their EU documents are wrong - their polititians have admitted that, but refused to take them out, hense blockage ... my only and final comment on any issue like this. regards, Slovenian

Julien Frisch said...

If one country as the only country among 27 blocks the technical accession procedure of another country because of border issue if find it embarrassing as I find any nationalistic dispute in a united Europe embarrassing.

We don't want to unite Europe because we want to fight over borders or territories, we want to unite Europe to get rid of such borders that have been the reason for useless fights among human beings for too long already.

So excuse for my harsh language, but I am really disappointed that this kind of things still happen in among EU countries (and/or candidates).