Wednesday 9 December 2009

The new European Commission: Günther Oettinger in the German Bundestag

After looking at Joaquín Almunia yesterday, there is news on Günther Oettinger.

According to the agenda of the EU affairs committee of the Bundestag (the German parliament), Günther Oettinger who is proposed as EU Commissioner for energy will stand questions of German members of Parliament next Wednesday (16 december). The agenda item that does not look final in the agenda linked above has just been confirmed by German MEP Eva Hoegl on Twitter.

It is a pity that the Committee doesn't meet in public...! But at least German MEPs have the right to participate in the EU affairs committee meetings, so they can hear him before he appears in the European Parliament in January.

And via Wolfgang Wettach (also on Twitter) I found the video of the speech of Oettinger at the German (federalist) Europa-Union, a meeting that took place last weekend, and that has also been covered and commented by Europaeum. This is the first part in German (without subtitle), but if you understand the language it might still be worth watching:

So what will MPs learn from Oettinger? Will he present his visions of a European strategy on energy policy or will he meander in vagueness? We won't probably know...

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