Sunday 31 January 2010

Great people writing for us: The EP web editors

Imagine 39 people writing for 500 million people in 22 languages. Now imagine they are young and cool. And now imagine they exist and they are the actual European Parliament web editors.

If you haven't seen them or if you haven't heard of them, now is the time, because now they are on video:

Writing for (y)EU - Full edit from Web Com on Vimeo.

When I met some of them in October during my trip to Brussels - here is my side of the story and here is theirs - I already wrote:
"[T]hey looked really enthusiastic, interested and willing to get the visibility of the Parliament to a new level"
and with this brilliant little video - there are also a number of smaller bits cut from it - they confirm what I thought at the time already:

We have extremely motivated and talented people working in the institutions, and all they need is the freedom to make something out of their skills. Yes, this involves some risks, but I prefer a citizens' institution like the Parliament taking some risk over an institutions that tries to remain as boring as possible.

The European Parliament could become a much more visible institution if MEPs and the administration made more use out of talents that they have amongst them. And this is also true for the web editors of other institutions!

Congratulations, EP web editors - and please continue writing for us!


Eurosocialiste said...

This is a fantastic video! Thanks for sharing this!