Thursday 21 January 2010

Jerzy Buzek is on Twitter: Welcome, Mr (European Parliament) President!

Since today, Jerzy Buzek, European Parliament President, is on Twitter.

At this moment, he has 50 followers, the number is quickly growing. He himself (probably the press team) isn't following anyone by now - waiting to see how this develops.

The question is: Will this account be used to really interact with the public or is it just another way of sending out one-way messages?

Supplement: Here is also the press release by Buzek's press service on this matter.

Update (1): 100 followers at 14:39.
Update (2): 200 followers at 15:55 (12 lists).
Update (3): 300 followers at 18:37 (19 lists). Following 3.
Update (4): 363 followers at 23:59 (23 lists). Following 3.
Update (5): 400 followers around 10:20 (26 lists). Following 16.
Update (6): 751 followers on 26 Jan, 23:00 (56 lists). Following 44.


Martin said...

I wonder if he followed me back, if I had added "MEP" to my description.

subas said...

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