Monday 20 April 2009

Unhealthy acronym by the European Commission: RAPEX

Sometimes, acronyms can be stupid. Seldom, they are extremely studid.

This one is definitely in the latter category: RAPEX.

An anti-rape condom (which was renamed) and a health initiative of the European Commission almost end up with the same name - RAPEX - and it's not the Commission initiative that is renamed, but the anti-rape condom...!?

RAPEX????? A Commission acronym?

Whoever invented this name at the Commission should hide for the rest of her/his life. And s/he should get an absolute prohibition to ever create an acronym again.

More at the Berlaymonster, via whom I came across this thing.


Eurocentric said...

Either they're just monumentally stupid, or they wanted a cheap way of publicising a Commission initative. In which case, they are monumentally stupid.