Tuesday 21 April 2009

History blogging: Nosemonkey and EU geekery

Since I was writing about the "Geek circus" some days ago, causing reactions on this blog and at Citizen Europe, allow me to do some history blogging and to quote from "A year of geekery" published by Nosemonkey (whose blog was previously named "Europhobia") in August 2005:
It’s now on to Europhobia Year 2 [...] [A]s of yet I have not managed to capitalise on this bloody thing at all. It annoys me, damn it.
It may be intensely frustrating sometimes, it may be far more time-consuming than you ever plan, it may end up taking over your life if you’re not careful, but it’s worthwhile, this blogging lark, even if you don’t get any dough out of it.
I'd say that this is one of the notions of being geeky: You stick to something particular, even when it doesn't bring about the expected outcome.

And although he has reduced his blogging lately, Nosemonkey is still there - but looking for work!

(Seems like the blog still doesn't pay his living.)


Josef Litobarski said...

You mean there's no money to be made in this EU blogging lark? Right, that's it - I'm finished! :D

Why DO you blog, Julien? You have an amazingly high output - what's your motivation? Is it just pure geekiness (aka, passion for your subject?)

Julien Frisch said...

My answer: here.