Thursday 25 June 2009

Agendas of the meetings of the European Commission

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I am continuing my journeys through the marvellous world of EU documentation, trying to understand its logic, the hidden details, the funny surprises.

This time I started via Grahnlaw and ended up in the Register of Commission documents where through the search function I found a list of agendas of Commission meetings (2009). They are available in English, French, and German.

I have tried to find them on the (still horrible) main website, somewhere where a general public or the media would also have access to them. But I did not see anything, which means that at least there is no intuitive way to get them.

So if you are looking for Commission agendas, use the link above or go to the Commission register and search for document type "Agenda".

However, I would prefer if the press & communication service of the Commission would put these somewhere more visible, since they contain information which are highly relevant for European politics.