Friday 26 June 2009

Europe in blogs (4)

The following article should not contain too many traces of irony or hyperbole.

Since the last Europe in blogs was only last Sunday, the fourth edition looks rather short. But the past days have been excellent days in the euroblogosphere, both in quality and quantity. followed a lot of money from the pockets of the taxpayers deep into the empty seas while the Brussels Blog (FT) smiled with the coming Swedish EU Council presidency.

Brussels Sunshine did not celebrate the birthday of the Commission's lobby register, while Margot Wallström celebrated with Irish jam.

And by far the biggest issue of the week was the formation of the new European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECRG) in the European Parliament. The euroblogosphere was shining brightly in an enormous amount of blog posts (random order):

Central Europe Activ here and here; La Oreja de Europa here; Grahnlaw here, here, here, and here; Daniel Hannan here; Nosemonkey here, here, and here; Jon Worth here and here, Coulisses de Bruxelles here and here; ResEuropa here; The New EP here and here; The Lobby here; Conservative Home here and here; Stephen here; The European Citizen here; Gulf Stream Blues here. And me too.

Oh yes, and I was put into the Danish EU Zoo, species: "Europhile EU-sceptic". Don't pet!!!

Update: This one from Eurojunkie came after I published the article, but it fits to the zoo thing and it is a good read, too.

There was much more in European blogs over the last week, but that's it for now. Europe in blogs will be back soon.

PS.: Should I have missed more ECRG articles, please put a link in the comments, I will then add them!